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A couple of months ago we hopped on a train and took a trip to the city of Bristol. Now we’ve heard a tonne of good things about the city and with it being such a hot spot for students we were keen to find out what all the fuss was a about. So Patches and Flash boarded a train from Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads in the quest for adventure and mainly some good coffee – hey it was really early in the morning, don’t judge us.

The city itself was clouded with grey on the day that we paid a visit, but it was easy to see why locals were still out and about enjoying themselves. From the harbourside market and quaint little independent shops to the artistic Graffiti festival, there was a lot going on in what was a seemingly sleepy city at a first glance.

Our first stop was Bristol City centre and the famous harbourside market. Stretched across the length of the harbour and overlooking a multitude of multi-coloured houseboats, the market is an eclectic mix of independent arts and crafts sellers, second hand books and clothing stalls. Before we took a step further we popped into no.1 harbourside cafe/restaurant for a coffee and a quick bite to eat. With locally sourced ingredients, authentic decor and awesome coffee this place ticked all the boxes for us – plus the butterscotch blondies were absolute heaven (and we don’t make that comparison often).

Exploring Bristol | BLT Flatbread at No.1 Harbourside

Exploring Bristol | BLT Flatbread at No.1 Harbourside


After a refuel stop we ventured out to the market to have a look at the wares on sale. We came across some beautiful hand crafted wallets by Gregg McDonald and may have made a purchase or two of some perfectly sized card wallets – ideal for holding all the essentials. If you can’t make it to bristol to have a look he also has an Etsy store which we’d definitely recommend checking out!

After perusing the old Banksy books and quirky Bristol artwork we made a move to the watershed theatre to see what was going on. With ongoing awesome student prices (£4.50 for anyone under 24) it’s the perfect place to catch a quick and cosy movie without breaking the bank. We found the chilled out vibe in general a refreshing change from the usual hustle and bustle of London. A short walk onwards from the harbourside market and we were encountered by the huge metallic structures on display in front of the Bristol Science Museum. These cool installations are no doubt a good indication of the features inside the museum – with a recently launched 3D planetarium, it’s a must visit if you’re into science!

Back in the city centre with our exploring hats back on our heads we ambled around the side streets seeing what else Bristol had to offer. We came across Roots Floral Designs, an independent flower shop in the city centre, drawing us in with the miniature cacti tactically displayed outside (they must have known about our love of miniature things).  The affordable plant shop is an ideal place to buy adorable little plant pots to decorate your home or even a student dorm if you’re on a budget. Wandering on from the flower shop, in the town square there were a collection of food trucks wafting delicious scents from all over the world our way. This little Mexican food truck, Little Taquiero, particularly caught our eye – although the city does seem to have a number of restaurants on boats!

Exploring Bristol | Roots Cacti

Exploring Bristol | Roots Cacti


Our final stop on the tour required a short journey from the city centre. So we hopped in a taxi and headed on over to Upfest, the annual graffiti and street art festival held in Bristol. The artwork (with some pieces still being created in front of our eyes) was alive with the oh-so-cool and laid back vibes of Bristol. With vibrant colours and cleverly blended textures, this was street art like we’ve never seen it before! If you’re a creative soul then we’d definitely recommend paying the festival a visit at some point. Head on down, enjoy the colourful artwork and even relax and enjoy the good food and music!

Exploring Bristol | Bristol Graffiti

Exploring Bristol | Bristol Graffiti


So that was our awesome experience of Bristol City. Big thanks to Fusion Students, whom we collaborated with for this project, be sure to check out their amazing range of student housing in Bristol here.

Patches & Flash

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