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Review | Fuji Instax Mini 90

When we first came across this latest version of the Fuji Instax back at Photokina, the little hipster children in us went totally giddy with excitement and instantly came up with several ideas to rationalise purchasing one. Fast forward to May and we’ve had hold of this little camera for a few months now. This version is slightly more advanced than the increasingly mainstream Mini 8 (which is one of the most fun ‘point and shoot’ cameras we’ve ever used) and boasts additional control modes like bulb and double exposure which allow a little bit more creative license than the standard model.

Fuji Instax Mini 90

Fuji Instax Mini 90

One of the best things about this camera – about both models actually – is that there is something inherently magical in watching a photograph develop in front of your eyes that seems to get everyone involved, making this the perfect camera to pull out at a party (we used the Mini 8 at a Christmas party and got some really fun shots). The credit-card sized print is perfect for sharing and really feels like an analogue version of an Instagram post (in an ironic, post-modern sort of way).

To be honest, the additional functions on the Mini 90 took a little bit of getting used to; they do involve a little bit of trial and error in terms of working out what kind of image you’re going to get, but it’s all part of the fun. If you’re buying one with a pack of film included, we recommend taking the first pack and using them as testers, you’ll work out what the camera can and can’t do pretty quickly and you’ll probably get some cool images anyway.

After shooting a couple of packs of film with the Mini 90, the ultimate takeaway is that it is fun. It helps you think a little bit more outside the box and you end up with some cool, quirky and creative images that feel completely and utterly unique – no digital backup, no post-processing, no frills at all; just a great tool to flex your creative muscles.

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