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Ten minutes with the Fuji X100T

Of all the things we wanted to check out at Photokina 2014, the Fuji X100T was one thing I was a little unsure about. Having only bought the previous model, the X100s, back in January this year, I wasn’t sure how much I really wanted to see this. It’s a bit like going shopping during the sales and knowing you’ll find that dress you just spent a fortune on at 50% off. Still, I was keen to see what improvements Fuji had made and what was completely new. Most importantly I wanted to know, is it worth the upgrade?

Well to answer that I guess we need to know; what’s different? On the outside there have been a few tweaks, most noticeably the dial on the back of the body has gone and the LCD screen is larger, with double the resolution of the X100s. I suspect most people won’t mourn the loss of the wheel on the back (Fuji seem to get a lot of flak for the size of their buttons – not a euphemism, I should say – but for someone with hands the size of a small child this has never been a problem for me).

The addition of an extra stop on the exposure compensation (taking it from 2 stops to 3) is a very welcome addition. Shooting HDR on the X100s has always been quite tricky to say the least and so the addition of an extra stop should make it slightly easier, in theory anyway. Another nice touch is the added Classic Chrome film simulation mode; one thing Fuji absolutely nail is their straight-out-of-camera jpegs and it is pretty much down to their fantastic film simulation modes (I’m a big fan of the way the colours pop on the Velvia simulation mode and from what I have seen so far, Classic Chrome also looks like a winner).

Aside from the other tweaks here and there and the all-round improved video quality, the big difference seems to be the viewfinder. Fuji have added an in-viewfinder electronic display (almost like picture-in-picture) to help with manual focusing; it really allows you to fine tune your focusing and is a really nice addition (not to mention just a little bit clever).

Ultimately though, at this stage I think I’ll stick with my X100S. One of the great things about Fuji is their dedication to their existing users and the consistent improvements they provide through firmware updates. Sure the X100T has some nice new additions which no amount of firmware upgrades will produce on the X100s, but for now there just isn’t enough, for me at least, to justify upgrading.

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