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The Photography Show NEC 2015

Although in terms of size and scale the UK Photography Show is considerably smaller than Photokina (which is truly on a whole other level), the big guns of the photographic world were still out in force at the NEC over the penultimate weekend in March.

Coming so soon after the world-famous Photokina, we weren’t surprised to see that a lot of the major brands were touting their existing products rather than launching new ones and so for us it was a chance to catch some of the stands we missed in Germany, as well as sample the new offerings from Canon which came in the form of the 5Ds. On first glance the latest 5D seems to feature a more consumer-friendly button layout on the back of the camera; although as long-time users of the Mark II this initially felt quite alien, it looked like a fairly simple and intuitive layout to get used to (and not too dissimilar to a Nikon, we noted). Avid readers of our blog (we know who you are) will know our thoughts on Canon’s seeming lack of product innovation, with the company seemingly set on evolution rather than revolution. But there is no denying that the camera will be a huge success. One of the Canon reps informed us that pre-orders for both models were through the roof and we were unlikely to see any in store for quite some time after the official June release date. Despite our own reservations we are waiting with interest to see how these megapixel monsters perform in the real world.

One stand which we were keen to check out having missed it at Photokina was the Lomography stand. Always colourful and pretty much a goldmine for creative ideas, we were quite taken with the medium format instant cameras on display, as well as the Diana Mini, one of the smallest film cameras we’ve ever seen. 

The Lomography stand at the Photography Show 2015, NEC Birmingham

The Lomography stand at the Photography Show 2015, NEC Birmingham

Eventually we dragged ourselves away and headed for the Rolleiflex UK stand, which featured second-hand vintage models from the past seventy to eighty years or so, as well as some modern day equivalents which were priced well over the £2000 mark (alas, slightly out of our budget unfortunately). Having been admirers of Rolleiflex for a while, we ended up purchasing this beautiful sixty year old Rolleicord (who could resist?!) which we are sure you’ll see more of in the coming weeks!

Rolleicord | Medium Format Film Camera

Rolleicord | Medium Format Film Camera

If you’re interested, check out our review of Photokina 2014 here 🙂

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