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Ten minutes with the Nikon D750

Although it’s fair to say that neither of us are going to purchase a DSLR anytime soon, if we were going to then Nikon’s latest – the D750 – would definitely make the shortlist of candidates. The successor to the hugely popular D700, this camera has been long-awaited by fans for some time now. We managed to grab ten minutes with Nikon’s latest full-frame outing at this year’s Photokina.

Overall, we were pretty impressed by what we saw here. The D750 was a decent size but not too weighty in comparison to pro-level cameras; we tried the camera out with the 24-120mm f4 lens, which did add to the weight considerably. We did find that the focusing with this combination was pretty sluggish in the low light, but we comfortably pushed the ISO up to 6400 before we started to see any real visible noise on the camera’s LCD display. The menu system and button layout was very easy to navigate which, as long-time Nikon users, felt very familiar and comfortable to use. We really like the addition of the tilting screen on this model in comparison to both the D610 and the D810 and think that this could potentially be a great camera for those looking to shoot video too. For us, this is the perfect camera to sit in the middle of Nikon’s full-frame DSLR line up; if you’re looking for something more than the D610 but just can’t justify paying out on the D810 then this could well be the one you’ve been looking for.

Since we visited Photokina, stories have emerged about security risks on the Nikon WiFi app, making it potentially possible for anyone to view your photos. If Nikon can address these concerns quickly then we expect that this camera to be every bit as popular as it’s predecessor.


The Nikon D750 is available from Cameraworld or Wex Photographic.


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