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Ditching the DSLR

Last month, Patches and I ventured out on a cold winter’s day to take a few snaps for this very blog. With the prospect of schlepping round London carrying mountains of camera gear weighing heavily on my mind (and shoulders), I took the decision to ditch the trusty DSLR in favour of my much smaller and lightweight but slightly under-used Fuji X10.

Stepping off the tube at Westminster, we were instantly met with a sight which is one of the increasing number of reasons why I am considering ditching my DSLR all together ; tourists. Sodding tourists with their sodding DSLRs stopping every five sodding steps to take a picture of a sodding tree. Apologies for the outburst. It’s fair to say that this irks me somewhat. I just don’t understand why someone would choose to carry around those cumbersome things when they just don’t need to. Better camera never ever equals better photographer – just saying.

Besides, there are some amazing Compact System Cameras on the market right now and things are only going to get better. Some of my favourite photographers (David Hobby and Zack Arias to name two) have already ditched their DSLRs in favour of smaller but no-less-impressive cameras like the Fuji XPro-1 and X100s (I think it’s fair to say that this particular camera is to me what David Beckham is to the rest of a world; a mythical god-like figure that can do no wrong despite its flaws – you’re too old to be wandering round in your pants, Dave. Think of the children and put some clothes on man).

Anyway, back to our cold Sunday in London…(in true tangent fashion).

Having fought off hoards of tourists to find a great spot to start shooting, it was time to put my little bundle of joy to work. The results? Pretty darn pleasing actually. It just goes to show that armed with the right camera (not always the biggest or most expensive) in the right situation you can get great shots. As for me, I will be putting the little X10 through its paces again and again over the next few months, which means a bit of shelf time for my chunky friend Nikon. Sorry old pal.


Ditching the DSLR

1/100th @ f3.2, ISO 100.
Available light.
Fujifilm X10.

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