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5 reasons we’re loving the new-look ASOS

We all know by now that it’s dangerously easy to buy stuff from ASOS – if you’re anything like us, the whole process can take a mere matter of seconds (let’s face it, that’s why we love it). Lucky for us (not so much for our respective bank balances), ASOS have recently released an updated version of their product page, making it even easier to spend your hard-earned pennies with them.

Here’s five reasons why we’re loving their new look!

Out with the old..

Out with the old..

1.  Less is More

So you thought ASOS already had a nice, simple product page, didn’t you? Well, they did but we’re guessing that they’ve had a little reshuffle to bring the new page more in line with their mobile site, which is similarly minimal. To quote someone, somewhere (if anyone knows the origin of this quote, answers on a postcard, please), “a design isn’t finished when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away”. Very wise.


2. Picture Perfect

The guys at ASOS know that since you can’t get any real sense of texture or colour online, the most important things on the site are those big, bold images that persuade you to buy. On the new site they take centre stage and big is most certainly beautiful. with the new! with the new!

3. A-SO-Simple

Ok, so terrible pun aside (sorry about that), they really have made it even simpler to shop. The product description (which we never really read properly anyway, right?) has been moved below that all-important bright orange ‘Add to Bag’ button. Pretty hard to miss isn’t it?


4. Shop the Look

This is a pretty cool new feature. Gone is the old ‘Complete the Look’ sidebar which took you off to another product if you clicked it; enter the new ‘Shop the Look’ button sitting quietly on the bottom right corner of the product image (although perhaps a little too quietly since it took me a few minutes to notice this little addition). Once you do find and click though, a neat little overlay appears giving you the option to quickly add the other featured items to your bag. The look – shopped in under 30 seconds.  Nice work, ASOS.


5. Sharing is Caring

The stylish new share buttons are positioned right beneath the image – the perfect place to quickly share your new purchase with your friends, family, loved ones and all of humanity (if you’re that way inclined of course). Much nicer and more on-brand than the old share buttons, which felt kind of like an afterthought all lumped together at the bottom of the page. Poor share buttons.

We should probably note that at the time of writing this the new product page doesn’t seem to have been rolled out permanently just yet, so keep your eyes peeled!


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