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Borough Market
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Travel | London | Borough Market

Sandwiched between London Bridge and the River Thames, you’ll find a quaint sub section of London known as Borough Market. One of the oldest and largest food markets in London, Borough Market is a hot spot for fresh produce,…

Nikon D750 v Canon 5D Mark II

Review | Canon 5D Mark II v Nikon D750

Investing in camera equipment is an expensive business. Recently, we’ve been umming and ahhing at great length over whether to invest in something that packs a little more punch in the way of video capabilities. Although we’ve previously made…

Photo Journals Travel

Photo Journal | Bristol

  If you’re interested in our work and want to collaborate on a future project, then drop us an email on 🙂   Patches & Flash x    …

Outfit | Topshop Utility Jacket
Outfit of the Day

Outfit | Utility Jacket and Graphic Print T-Shirt

If you’re looking at this outfit wondering why we’ve lost our minds and have taken to wearing aviators indoors, don’t panic ( weren’t, were you), all will be explained in due course.  Today’s outfit is a fairly standard affair;…