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Outfit | Miss Selfridge Casual Blazer | Topshop White TShirt

As many of you will know, we are all about keeping it casual whenever and wherever we can get away with it. That, combined with our never ending quest to channel the energy of Liz Lemon, means that a good casual blazer is never far from our respective wardrobes.

Cue this latest addition to the ever-expanding blazer collection, which manages to walk the fine line between looking like you actually made an effort and throwing something together with five minutes to spare. Paired with a simple tshirt and and jeans it gives us the ideal I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously outfit with enough of a casual vibe to just about get away with leaning against a graffiti-ladened brick wall (kinda).

Casual Blazer from Miss Selfridge | TShirt from Topshop | Raybans

Casual Blazer from Miss Selfridge | TShirt from Topshop | Raybans

Now we’re pretty fussy when it comes to tshirts; we both prefer a slouchy, laid back look with a v-neck and these can be surprisingly hard to get hold of. Most recently we stocked up on some good quality efforts from Topshop (now sold out), but we’ve also found decent ones in H&M and Zara (obviously Zara would feature somewhere). For those with money to burn, American brand Pacsun (probably known best in the UK for their collab with Kendall and Kylie Jenner) also do great tshirts in a range of styles although shipping from the US is expensive unless you find a few items you like to make the delivery costs worthwhile (yes, you need to buy more clothes – sorry about that).

As we find ourselves traversing the streets of London pretty much daily we tend to opt for comfort when it comes to footwear, but the jeans/tshirt/casual blazer combo is more than versatile enough to wear with pumps, heels or boots depending on the occasion. Yup, pretty much anything goes. Happy days.
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