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Outfit | Utility Jacket and Graphic Print T-Shirt

If you’re looking at this outfit wondering why we’ve lost our minds and have taken to wearing aviators indoors, don’t panic (..you weren’t, were you), all will be explained in due course. 

Today’s outfit is a fairly standard affair; casual t-shirt and jeans thrown together with a utility style jacket (this particular one is from Topshop, but they’ve been all over ASOS recently too). We’ve been on the lookout for a jacket like this for a while now and this one strikes the perfect blend between being lightweight (with rollable sleeves – big win for us) yet warm enough that you don’t freeze to death if you step outside in it for longer than 90 seconds. It also gives us a rare opportunity to indulge our really quite terrible Robert de Niro impressions as it does have something of a Taxi Driver look to it.. hence the aviators and the poor attempt at looking mean and moody.

Outfit | Uniqlo Graphic Print T-Shirt

Outfit | Uniqlo Graphic Print T-Shirt

The Japanese/Manga-inspired t-shirt was an unusual find in Uniqlo, after rummaging through their surprisingly good selection of t-shirts a few months back. This one is actually from the women’s collection, although as with all t-shirt designs we did find that the men had a far better selection to choose from (why is this?!). If you are on the hunt for a couple of slightly more unusual t-shirts that aren’t emblazoned with a hashtag, as seems to be the trend at the moment, you can’t really go wrong with Truffle Shuffle or Threadless, who both do quirky, retro, or just plain nerdy designs really well.

Outfit | H&M Chelsea Boots

Outfit | H&M Chelsea Boots

Finally, we must mourn the loss of summer. That’s it kids, it’s finally over; the boots are back. We found this pair of Chelsea boots in the January sales last year in H&M (similar here), but since the Chelsea boot is such a staple look you can pick them up from pretty much anywhere. We particularly like this pair from New Look.

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