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For the love of ZARA

Zara: Blazer with Turn Up Sleeves, Mini City Shopper, Joggers with Leather Waistband

Zara: Blazer with Turn Up Sleeves, Mini City Shopper, Joggers with Leather Waistband

This Spanish retailer never gets it wrong in our opinion when it comes to minimal style, clean lines and classic pieces (three elements which fit our personal styles exactly). So feeling inspired by a recent shopping trip in which the above items were purchased (look out for an outfit post soon), we decided to outline below 7 reasons why we are head over heels in love with Zara!

1. Always on trend.

Zara differ from other retailers as they have a very short turnaround and can therefore react to trends and customer demand almost instantly, compared to their competitors who predict trends for each upcoming season and prepare their offering much more in advance.

Flash: This gives you an excellent ready-made excuse to visit frequently and check what’s on offer. Also there are no feelings of embarrassment when you realise your entire outfit is still currently on display (as I find happens in H&M, a lot).


2. No gimmicks.

Have you noticed the total lack of advertising? There are no celebrity campaigns, no designer collaborations, no crazy promotions and no gimmicks. Zara is basically that one classy friend you have that makes you feel like a slob every time you see them and we love them for it.

Flash: I find that they do like playing hard to get.  They’re aloof;  They know they have what you want so they don’t scream and shout about it (they’re a bit smug like that). They don’t come to you because they know if you’re discerning enough you’ll come to them. That’s just how they roll…


3. Quality is paramount.

Zara is one retailer who has resisted against outsourcing all of their production to Asian countries in a bid to find cheaper labour. Most of their items are produced in their own factories in Europe which lends itself to much higher quality fabric and production (who knew we could be so technical!). This means they won’t disintegrate after one trip to the washing machine, which is always a good thing.


4. They are a one stop shop for work-wear.

As well as providing a huge range of well fitting blazers at various price points they also have a vast offering of shirts and skirts in interesting styles and colours.

Patches: I’m all for turning up to work in a neon shirt, floral printed suit or leather pencil skirt  (yep, the rebel in me can’t resist seeing what I can get away with) and Zara’s offering doesn’t disappoint!


5. One not so secret, secret.

The Zara Gold fragrance is a £12.99 dupe for Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million (which retails for around £50 for 50ml). While the staying power arguably isn’t as good, the scent is pretty much spot on and it’s an everyday, wearable fragrance that doesn’t break the bank to stock up on.

Patches: You can always lie about where you got it from! although I realise I can’t do that anymore now that we’ve told you about it… *looks awkward and shifty, seriously considers taking this point out*


6. The store layout is unique.

They often don’t lay things out according to what each item is e.g. separate sections for trousers, skirts, tops etc. but have different items displayed together according to a certain colour scheme or style which makes picking out outfits so much easier! (which is perfect for a lazy people like us who don’t always enjoy the experience of shopping, read more about that HERE)

Patches: Saying that, don’t go into a Zara during a post Christmas sale unless you have wits of steel and sharp elbows, just don’t do it. What I have seen can only be described as fashion induced hysteria *sits in a corner and gently rocks back and forth due to trauma*


7. Classic style and great fit.

They’re style is classic and minimal with a strong focus on the fit of the clothes, making them often look more expensive than they actually are.

We’re strong believers that well fitting and good quality clothes can do wonders to your confidence, so Zara gets a celebratory dance from us (this involves 10 seconds of the running man followed by a mexican wave and 3 minutes of shame).


Items featured above include the Zara Blazer with Turn Up Sleeves, The Zara Mini City Bag and Zara Joggers (now sold out but similar here).


Patches & Flash


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    sarah @tempsec
    May 15, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I love Zara but haven’t been shopping for ages so I’ve not popped in to see what’s new! I always end up buying something every time I go on there, it’s one of my favourite high street shops! x

    • Reply
      Patches & Flash
      May 17, 2014 at 9:10 pm

      It’s one of our favourites too! We definitely do some major damage to our bank balances every time we go in there, it’s becoming a problem! x

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