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London Fashion Weekend AW15 & Guy Bourdin Image Maker

Let’s set the scene. One cold February morning – way earlier than what is deemed acceptable for a weekend we should add – Patches and Flash hopped on a train (camera in hand) to Somerset House for the highly anticipated London Fashion Weekend. Being a relatively new event open to the public we weren’t quite sure what to expect and how much of the official Fashion Week buzz we’d get to experience.

The morning didn’t disappoint. It started with a bang as we had the chance to see a Spring Summer showcase for online designer fashion store There was a full house in the main show space- rows and rows of fashion fanatics fully transfixed on the collections coming down the runway. The Outnet, drawing on the influence of the designers they carry, had picked out some key themes for the summer which we loved. This included trusty monochrome (seriously, where would we be without black and white), shimmer, florals and suede – echoing a lot of the high street offering at the moment.

The models sachayed and the cameras went up in the air in salute. Regardless of what the nay-sayers could argue about fashion weeks in general, we loved the energy and the production of the show at London Fashion Weekend. It gave us great insight into the current summer trends from a designer perspective as well as tonnes of inspiration for future outfits *hears the distant cry of an abused wallet*. Needless to say we managed to get some footage of the show which we thought we’d share in an artfully edited video (of course, you’d expect nothing less from us).

London Fashion Weekend Shopping

London Fashion Weekend Shopping

Aside from walking the narrow corridors of Somerset House and perhaps even partaking in some unnecessary spending (7 for all mankind jeans were calling our names) we popped next door to see the ‘Guy Bourdin: The Image Maker’ exhibition. Bourdin was a photographer who’s commercial body of work was most prominent in the late 70s into the 80s featuring in major publications in conjunction with some of the biggest designers of the era. We found his work to be creepily fascinating and visually thought provoking.

Guy Bourdin | The Image  Maker

Guy Bourdin | The Image Maker

His love of the female form is apparent, as well as themes of sex, violence and danger being prevalent in a lot of pieces. One project that stayed with us was a series of images taken for a shoe designer where Bourdin had everyday scenarios re-enacted with a pair of mannequin feet rather than a model. Such a simple idea – bringing complete focus to the shoes – all the while engaging the thought inducing part of the brain. We were definitely intrigued by his style and left feeling totally inspired – the exhibition is a must see if you’re interested in fashion or photography. In fact we were so inspired that we’d say watch this space for our very own photography project coming very soon.

Guy Bourdin | The Image Maker

Guy Bourdin | The Image Maker

Well what can we say, it being our first experience of the buzz of London Fashion Week we loved it and would definitely go again. We hope you enjoy our recap video and follow us on Instagram @patchesandflash for more pictures of the event 🙂

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