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Outfit | The little black dress

The LBD (or little black dress) is more than just a staple piece and to define it as just that would quite frankly be an injustice. It’s the ‘I’m too lazy to find anything else’ dress. It’s the ‘I’m too scared to experiment with colour’ dress. It’s the ‘I feel bloated and want to look slimmer’ dress. It’s the ‘generic black and therefore not noticeable that I wore this last time we were out’ dress. Whatever your LBD is to you, these are all reasons to invest a great quality piece that will last for ages. Invest in something with good quality fabric and great fit for your body – you’ll find yourself reaching for it in all sorts of social emergencies.

This strapless dress is from Zara (surprise, surprise) and I love how the back has an entire faux leather panel. A twist on a classic black dress makes it a little more interesting and allows you to update your staple pieces with current trends (basically it makes me seem more fashionable than I actually am with minimal effort – which is a win win).

Dress from previous season Zara sale (No Longer Available)

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Patches x

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