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Right so there’s probably something that we should admit. We love, nay, we are completely addicted to drinking coffee. Some would say it’s becoming a bit of a problem, and we would say that ‘some’ can go right on back to enjoying their dull caffeine-less lives as we are just fine twitching over here thanks. There’s just something about the caffeine laden concoction that keeps us continually on the hunt for different places to try coffee and hopefully amass a database of coffee hotspots!

One of our most treasured finds is a chain of cafes by the name of Harris & Hoole. They have a quaint independent feel about them, with their defiantly hipster chalkboard menus and mismatched decor, however don’t be fooled! Tesco is actually a shareholder of the chain and you may have noticed a few of the larger stores have now opened Harris & Hoole cafes on site. However this does mean that a few stand alone stores are closing down, so if you’re anywhere near one I suggest you make the most of it and give it a try!

Harris & Hoole, Serving amazing Union coffee

Harris & Hoole, Serving amazing Union coffee!

Why do we love it so? (apart from our sheer unconditional love for caffeine based products) They use Union Hand Roasted coffee, a great quality coffee used by many shops around the UK. Harris and Hoole’s chosen store blend is a light to medium roast with rich chocolatey flavours making it very easy to drink, even as a long black Americano (which in our opinion is the test of all tests, can I drink this without adding a bucket of sugar and a cow to it?!). The best thing of all? They have a policy of serving the coffee at a temperature ready to drink. This is means no more accidentally burning the skin off your hands or waiting an hour just to drink the damn thing. According to many experts, coffee produces the best taste when brewed just under boiling temperature, so they’re definitely onto something!

We say it’s worth a visit!


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