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As the old saying goes, if you’re tired of London, you are tired of life. Luckily, it seems that is an unlikely scenario, given all the brilliant experiential activities and pop-up events which grace the city. From Secret Cinema and Dinerama to fake inner city beaches and giant water slides, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something different at any time of year. 

One such event currently running, and completely shrouded in mystery, is Chambers of Flavour, an immersive multi-dimensional dining experience which takes place somewhere in East London and which we can tell you almost nothing about.

Chambers of Flavour

Chambers of Flavour | ‘The Machine’

The event is put together by Gingerline, who have quite the track record when it comes to this kind of thing, describing themselves as ‘a clandestine dining adventure operating in secret and changing locations’. Intrigued? So were we. After securing tickets (no mean feat given Gingerline’s popularity), we had to wait until 4pm on the day of the experience to find out exactly where we’d be going. Up until that point, all we knew was that we’d be directed to a station somewhere on the London Overground (aka the gingerline – geddit?). On arrival at the secret location, we were handed a welcome drink and told to sit back, stock up on liquid refreshment and prepare to be thrust feet-first into an experience like no other. 

Chambers of Flavour

Chambers of Flavour | Welcome drink

The rest? We couldn’t possible divulge anymore, we may even have already said too much. All we can say is the Chambers of Flavour was one of the most enjoyable culinary evenings we’ve had in a long time and the less you know before you enter ‘The Machine’, the better. Trust us, book some tickets and experience it for yourself; it’s worth every penny.

Book tickets for the Chambers of Flavour – be quick! They go fast.

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