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Patches & Flash

Patches & Flash


Hi! We’re Arthy and Katie, better known in this corner of the internet as Patches & Flash, a photography and lifestyle blogging duo based in London.

We started the blog back in late 2013 as two unintentionally awkward kids looking for a creative outlet for our shared passions of fashion and photography. Fast forward a few years and, while we still can’t seem to shake that awkwardness, we’ve expanded our horizons somewhat and now include all kinds of hipster-type stuff, like food, travel and technology. Our aim is to produce content that is perhaps a little bit different from the norm, with high quality images and video to help capture our experiences as they happen.

Away from the blog we both pursue careers which allow us as much creative license as possible. Katie is a digital designer specialising in user experience, while Arthy works in content strategy and seo. A few more things you might like to know; we’re proud introverts but we love meeting new people, we’re big fans of slightly off-beat, awkward comedy (go figure), and most importantly of all, we will routinely consume as many cups of coffee as we can get our hands on.. it might be a problem actually.


TLDR; we’re passionate about what we do and love creating high quality content!


If you’d like to talk about working with us, just want to say hello, or you’ve thought of a hilarious alternative name for our blog (our favourite so far is Flip & Flop), then drop us a line using the details below.

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Email us at hello@patchesandflash.co.uk

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  • Reply
    March 19, 2014 at 2:35 pm


    I bumped into you on the train back from liverpool street on saturday. Liking the blog! Great humour. If you ever need another phtoographer let me know, happy to send you some examples of my images.

    Good luck with it all, hope it works out.

    All the best

    • Reply
      Patches & Flash
      March 27, 2014 at 8:35 pm

      Hi Greg, thanks for looking us up and for all the location ideas. We’re really liking the wedding photography, we’ll definitely keep that in mind thank you!

      Good luck with everything!


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